Educational and professional publishing services


Set up in 1985, we have developed over the years and now provide a wide range of services, from initial commissioning of authors to final print management, design, editing, photo research, permission clearing, audio recording, technical reading and project management. 

In addition to the full publishing service package, we offer a one-off service for customers or a tailored menu to match each individual project. We work as part of the client's team, it is important to us, professionally and commercially, that you are successful.

We have a core in-house team, based in Cambridge, which manages all our jobs. We also use a range of specialist freelance help, to ensure the right person for the job in every case. We frequently work with off-shore providers, blending the cost advantages with our project management experience. 

We aim to be practical, affordable, and above all, approachable. We believe that a good relationship between the client and supplier is vital for success. We also firmly believe that the provision of high-quality services is vital.