Educational and professional publishing services

Design and Production

Who are our designers?

Our team are all experienced book designers and have worked extensively in the publishing industry. From concept design to page make-up, their task is to create a product which meets the client brief, from eye-catching book covers to child-friendly textbook pages, they will work with you to bring your projects to life. 

Problem solving

A complex student book, or a simple primary reader, text, features, photos and artworks – all these test the designers' skills. They are challenged with the task of problem solving, not only to make the pages look good, but to make sure they are clear and accessible to the reader.

Realia and Artworks

Our designers have an extensive source of resources to refer to when creating realia. Simple artworks, such as flow diagrams, charts and graphs are created by the designers, this helps to keep the cost of artwork creation down. More complex and figurative artworks are sourced from professional illustrators, chosen depending on the style required and budget available for each project. Our designers are also proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and will make changes to artwork and photos, avoiding the need to go back to the artist.