Educational and professional publishing services



What about correction charges?

We know these can be a problem, so we build in a reasonable level of correction to any setting or editorial costs. You can be sure that the final invoice will match the estimate unless there have been significant and agreed changes. We never do extra correction work before we have discussed and agreed details with our clients.

How do you estimate? 

We respond to what the client requires, providing an all-in charge, an itemised estimate, hourly rates or whatever is needed. We are happy to give estimates or work to agreed budgets set by our clients. All estimating services are free of charge. 

What sets Hart McLeod apart from the rest?

We believe that we offer the right blend: traditional expertise alongside modern methods, in-house service with freelance support, dedicated professionalism yet easily approachable. We expect clients to feel they have received excellent service and a real commitment to quality, but most of all, we want them to have enjoyed the process of working with us.

I have a job you might be able to tackle, what should I do?

Call, send us an email, or use the handy contact form on this website. We would be pleased to hear from you and happy to help in any way we can.